Concrete driveways is a great way to improve your home and add to its value by installing concrete driveway. The benefits of concrete over other popular methods, like asphalt are immeasurable. Concrete driveways simply last a long time and the upkeep is fairly simple. Concrete driveways also do very well with the changing elements, hot or cold concrete weathers very well against all types of harsh environmental conditions. If you are considering having a concrete driveway installed the give us a call today and let one of our technicians help answer an question you may have. We can help with design, planning and determine actual costs that will meet your budget. Concrete driveways are where its at for long term paving solutions that will add value to your home. Concrete driveways are great for parking on, playing sports, riding bikes, enjoying family time bbq’s and just basically having a good time. Concrete is one of the best mediums available for your driveways. And, with today’s concret you are not just limited to plain boring grey concrete, there are more styles to brighten up your driveway to choose from. Call us today and let us show what we can do with concrete today.



Concrete patios is an awesome to add value and functionality to your property. Whether you are adding a small patio or a large meandering pation that spans your entire property concrete patios are a great option to go with. Concrete patios not only look good but they last a very long time and with today’s diverse selection of different concrete patio designs we are sure to help you select the best setup for your home. Most of the customers who decide to go with a concrete patios will often times add a handsome border that accentuates the patio. No matter the design or shape of your custom concrete patio we can meet all your demands and requirements. Our tech have years and years of experience and are master installers. So if you are just getting starting or in the planning phase, concrete patios is what we do best. Let us help you pick from our many style choices. Concrete patios is our passion and we will improve the look and feel of your home.



Concrete floors are very popular right now, and many of our customers call in and ask us about our concrete flooring design and installation. Whether this is for a commercial application or for a residence, concrete flooring is one of the best ways to go. It is very durable, essentially stain proof, does not get water logged and is extremely durable. With today’s concrete floors then is no limit to what you can do or add to them to meet the needs of any project. Concrete flooring is great for indoors and outdoors and is suitable for all weather climates. Our tech have been pouring and designing concrete for years and years. When you decide on concrete flooring for your home or business it is important to get the job done right the first time, also, you must make sure it is correctly installed. You do not want any future cracking or chipping as that will not look good. Our customers demand a smooth concrete, high gloss finish that adds to the look and feel of the property. Concrete floors are a great decorative way to express your mood. It is also ideal for throw rugs and furniture to be set upon it.



Stamped concrete is also another very popular choice nowadays, as the sky is truly the limit of what can be done with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is on of our specialties that customers call in for all the time. We offer pre planning and help with design and budget management. No matter the size of the space we can assist you from a-z with all aspects of installing stamped concrete. With today’s designers and material used you can turn any boring space into a wonderful, one of a kind stamped concrete space that stands apart from all others. Most customers who opt for stamped concrete have an idea of what they want and need, the transformation process is the most exciting. Did you by using our stamped concrete process you can turn any concrete slab into whatever you want, from colors to textures that all meet with your approval. Our customers tell us that the stamped concrete work we do improves the look and value of the home. With our commercial applications stamped concrete is a great way to get a great quality look that is also durable and your customers will love the way it looks. Call us today and see what you choices are, we bet you will be surprised with what you can do with ordinary concrete. Let us help you transform any room or space into a beautiful stamped concrete space. Ask about our customer installation and see the work we have done for some of our other customers.



Structural concrete and structural concrete walls are the cornerstone to any building product. It is one of the more important aspects of building construction. Today’s structural concrete codes and laws are updated and put in place to maintain the structural integrity of the building to withstand weather elements and earthquakes. Most of the structural concrete jobs are planned out with an engineer who has experiences in building code structural concrete. When you set out to design a building and to organize the pouring it is vital that your whole team is on the same page. Speak with one of our experts on how best to approach your structural concrete design project.



Concrete foundation consists of various types of designs to meet the needs for your project. Concrete slab foundations and concrete poured footings primarily make up the bulk of style and technique when it comes to any building foundation. Typically, when building a house, two main types of foundations are used, slab-on-grade or below-grade foundations with a basement slab. Ultimately, climate of your region is the deciding factor. Climate factors include, water tables, frost lines, type of winters, and vulnerability to storm water surge along with high winds, all determine whether a slab or below-grade foundation is recommended. Concrete foundation pours are long and continuous and require professionals to do the work, it involves wooden frames and the use of metal bars, called re-bar. All the elements need to work together to get the optimal results. If not prepared or done properly then you could jeopardize the integrity of your concrete foundation. Call us as we are the experts when it comes setting up and pouring concrete foundations.



The benefits of a building retaining walls are numerous. Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing so it follow both form and function. We love to help design and construct retaining walls. Retaining walls are not only beautiful they also allow for a wide range of styles to choose from to help meet any budget. Retaining walls also help with holding back hills of dirt or any unstable sections on your property. When you get the opportunity to add a design component to a functional purpose it allows for a whole gamut of possibilities. Block retaining walls can withstand tons of weight. When built correctly, a retaining wall can hold back earth or water for decades without any problems or maintenance. Don’t wait until nature takes its toll on your lawn or property to start giving some thought to constructing a wall on your property it is better to proactive when addressing the challenges of unstable property conditions. Retaining walls are located in the areas of your lawn or property that require additional support in order to prevent earth from being forced downhill with erosion or acts of God. As such, the core function of a retaining wall is to counteract the forces of gravity.



One of the best finishes we offer for all kinds of property design, like driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, BBQ or water features are the bricks and stones. Customers love the natural look and feel and the durability. With brick and stone design you are investing in something that will last a lifetime. Let us send you examples of our brick and stone work and see what we have done for some of our clientele. We are here to help make design decisions and we can even help picking out the right brick and stone options. Our brick and stone choices comes in a variety of styles and colors and will add value to your home or project. Brick and stones are durables and essentially are adverse weather resistant. So if you need a long term resilient design let us show you some brick and stone options for your next project.



Ahh yes, this is a popular request from customers. First up, we have custom brick and stone BBQ pit set up and installs designed to fit any space. We can build your existing BBQ into a brick and stone feature that will last a very long time. The great thing about building a brick and stone bbq pit is how diverse the designs can truly be. The vary greatly and it really comes down to what you and desire, of course your budget does come into play here as well. But, we are experts at maximizing your budget to get the best possible, custom designed brick and stone BBQ pit. Be sure and ask to see example of our work as we take pride in the quality of work we provide to our customers. Whether you have a need for a customer smoker or a customer stone and brick bbq pit then give our experts a call today and let us help design your dream BBQ pit! Fountains are just as or even more popular than brick and stone bbq pits, with today’s water feature fountains we offer some great recycled or reclaimed water features that are not only great to look at but are excellent for the environment. too. Be sure and asked about our many designs and styles for reclaimed water features.



Custom stone and brick fireplace and interior fireplace mantels add a whole other depth of appreciation into your home. Our work and craftsmanship is truly unsurpassed We offer customer fireplace and customer chimney installations that meet any budget and fit well into any home. By adding a customer stone fireplace or chimney you are adding value to the property and creating a durable design element that will last a lifetime. Be sure and ask about our custom built outdoor fireplaces that make a great addition to your patio. Custom built outdoor fireplaces make a definite statement of luxury and relaxation. Let us help you design and build you dream indoor or outdoor custom brick and stone fireplace. We can take just about any outdoor or indoor area and design a long lasting, beautiful fireplace that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Call us and ask about our customer design program and be sure and ask to see examples of our work.



With today’s modern techniques there has never been a better time to consider a decorative concrete floor. We use acid stains and water based dyes to achieve never been seen before decorative concrete flooring or surfacing. Decorative polished concrete flooring is an absolutely stunning way to finish the look and feel of your home. This process is incredibly durable and will add value to your home for years and years to come. The options are truly endless, so call one of our decorative concrete specialists today and let us set a FREE CONSULTATION and show you what it actually possible. We believe you will be blown away by the look, feel and quality of today’s polished decorative concrete flooring and resurfacing. We can achieve bright, rich colors and overtones that stand up to the test of time and won't fade. We polish and seal in our decorative concrete for an incredible finish. Before you decide on tiling or any other traditional finish be sure and speak to a specialist and let us show what is not possible. Decorative concrete flooring where beauty meets durability.



Who would of thought that plain old boring concrete is the material of the future? Well we may be a be presumptuous, however, concrete is enjoy a bit of a renaissance. It is proving to be a economical, durable and very fashionable material that doesn’t have glaring environmental deficiencies. Where are we going with all this, you say? How about concrete countertops for your home? Concrete is much more customizable than the other solid surfaces, like marble. The colors and textures are endless, you can mold it into just about any shape you can imagine, and it retains the advantages of solid surfaces. Concrete does have a 10 - 12 day curing process but once concrete does cure, it should last and last and last. Call one of our specialists today and see if concrete countertop design is right for you.


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